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Yes, absolutely. The old adage, "They don't make them like they used to" is the cold truth, especially when referring to refrigerators. It only makes sense to keep a refrigerator while it still has useful life, especially if it’s only a minor repair. The average useful life of a newer refrigerator is 15-17 years. Older models last much longer. In fact, since they contain fewer motors, use simpler designs and less plastic, compared to newer models, you would be surprised to know that the energy consumption is not that much greater and that they were built to last longer, not break down sooner. Taking into account the average cost of a repair of your current unit vs. the total cost of buying new: unit price + tax + shipping/travel cost + installation labor + extraction of your old appliance + loss of time from work + possible kitchen remodeling costs + dining out = 5 to 25 times, or greater, what it would have cost for US to repair. In addition to the monetary cost itself, remember to add the burden, financial and otherwise, of living without a refrigerator for even 2 days, possibly up to a week or even longer. Consider this too, the average age of a refrigerator that we currently service, is around 4 years old.



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"You guys saved our food! I was worried I would have to wait several hours for a technician while my food spoiled. I couldn't believe when your man showed up 40 minutes after my husband called. I called a few other companies after he left, and they all would have charged us more for the same repair. You saved us so much money. Thank you!"
Elizabeth Weinstein
Los Angeles,


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